This and the following shirt are two of four t-shirts
I designed and distributed to friends to celebrate
Earth, Wind, & Fire Day. The holiday, created
September 21, 2004 by yours truly, celebrates
the glory that is Earth, Wind, & Fire.

  Right up there with Earth, Wind, & Fire, George Michael
is one of my absolute favorite artists. I hand-drew and
hand-screened this shirt to wear to his concert when
he came to Chicago.
  Original vector art and design for a local middle school
wrestling team.

Ever heard of the Saw Doctors? Probably not, as they
have a bit of an eclectic following (myself included).
I befriended the Irish group and was offered the opportunity
to create a shirt for their March tour. Through an original
illustration, I was to represent how one of their more
notable songs had been misheard by one fan
who commended them for their animal activism.

Those Irish accents sure can be hard to follow sometimes.

  Hand-screened, this shirt was made for our one-game
fundraising basketball team. While we lost miserably,
we looked fantastic doing so.
  To commemorate his visit to Chicago, I hand-drew
and hand-screened this shirt for a friend visiting
from Ireland.